Keep Safe Online

We’ve listened to women in rural and remote Victoria and developed a program for staying safe online.

It seems everyone is worried about scams and staying safe online. So let’s take control of our own digital safety.

Our goal at Rural Women Online is to empower women to enhance their digital safety. While on the road, we listened to more than 600 women face-to-face — who told us in no uncertain terms that scammers and being led down a garden path were a real barrier to being online.

Keep Safe Online

Nurturing women's digital confidence for a safer online community together.

In response to these serious issues, the team at Rural Women Online have created 10 eSafety short videos to equip you with the skills to be safer online. Our videos are made by and for women, so pause it, play it, and review it! If you already know this information pass it on to your mum, friend, Aunty or anyone that you think may need a helping hand.

Free Download Keep Safe Online A3 Poster

Help us spread the word about our eSafety program! Download a copy of our Keep Safe Online A3 poster to hang in your workplace, Neighbourhood House, library or other community meeting place.

A3 Poster